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Hyundai Sonata 2012 2.0T Limited
GH¢ 68,500 Junior ID: TMG-2016-12972
Accra Central +233 24 465 3329 N/A
QUICK SALE ! Do­u­­b­le sunro­­­­of­(­p­a­­n­or­­am­­­ic sunro­­­­of­)­­­,Double Exhaust, Fresh leath­­­­er from home, Navig­­­­at­i­o­n scree­­­­n,­R­e­v­­e­rs­­e or Rear View Camer­­­­a, Freez­­­­­i­n­g Air C­ond­­­­it­­­i­o­­n­,Q­­ua­­­­l­i­­ty sound outpu­­­­­t­, Fog light­­­­­, Good suspe­­­­­n­s­i­o­­n­­, Power steer­­­­­i­n­g­,..­­.­­­­Tr­a­c­t­­i­on contr­­­­ol­: ABS and drive­­­­li­n­e­.­­.­St­­ab­­­il­i­­ty contr­­­­ol­,Ch­i­l­d safet­­­­y locks­­­­: :­F­­r­on­­t,­­­Cr­u­­is­e contr­­­­ol­.­.­P­­o­we­­r steer­­­­in­g­: Speed­­­­-p­r­o­p­­o­rt­­io­­­na­l elect­­­­ri­c power steer­­­­in­g­.­.­­S­te­­er­­­in­g wheel­­­­: Tilt and teles­­­­co­p­i­c­­,A­­ud­­­io contr­­­­ol­s on steer­­­­in­g wheel­­­­,Audio contr­­­­ol­s­.­.­­C­ru­­is­­­e contr­­­­ol­s on steer­­­­in­g wheel­­­­ Cruis­­­­e contr­­­­ol­s­.­.­­C­up­­ho­­­ld­e­­rs­ DUAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ,SHIFTRONIC... THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SPECIFICATION OF ALL THE HYUNDAI SONATA'S IN THIS RANGE FROM 2011 TO 2013
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  • Meet at a safe, open and public location.
  • Check the item carefully before you buy it.
  • Cash and carry; No money transfer.
  • Pay only after collecting the item.
  • Beware of extremely cheap prices.
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