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GH¢ 700.00 Sakyiamah ID: TMG-2016-12612
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We have powerful dietary supplements which will help the body to get rid of unwanted bad cholesterol, phlegm, plaques and other toxins that are accumulated in the body through years of wrong nutrition of food, liquid and life style. Excess accumulation of bad cholesterol, phlegm, fat and toxins leads to health complications like; cardiovascular diseases like heart attack hypertension, palpitation of the heart leading to pulmonary dizziness. Loaded colon; in a normal digestive process the food we ingest should travel all the digestive system and be eliminated in some few weeks. However, the chances to find a normal functioning digestive system are less than 5% today for several reasons. What happens next is that the food sitting more in your Colon starts forming layers, or what is called Plaque. Just like in your kitchen pipes. Years after years of wrong nutrition, layers after layers, this plaque is becoming bigger and bigger. The colon is very extensible. It can expand up to five times its normal size when stuffed. That is why some people has big tummy and that is why you need do away with all these plaques and fat/ cholesterol in the body so that you can be free and healthy. Loaded colon leads to bacterial infections leading to series of health problems to your body. When your digestive system is not able to get rid of waste or unwanted food daily the accumulated waste results into plaques, fat, cholesterol, phlegm, gas and toxins. Accumulation of this unwanted cholesterol, fat, oil, sugar, phlegm, plaques, gas and toxins leads to obesity and loaded colon which leads to belly fat or port belly. When your veins and arteries begins to block with excess cholesterol the heart begins to find pumping of the blood to other parts of the body difficult and this leads to serious problem like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Our Products can help clean your colons and intestines free of all plaques and cholesterol without any side effects. HEALTH BENEFITS OF OUR PRODUCTS; * It slim the body giving you new and confident shape to wear your dresses. * Lower cholesterol * Full of antioxidants and detoxifies the body. * Reduce belly fat and loaded colon. * Remove phlegm and plaques in the stomach. * Have adaptogenic properties that support the functions of the stomach, liver, kidney, lung and heart. * Prevent and remove build up fat deposits on artery walls. * Help to stabilize High Blood Pressure after eliminating bad cholesterol from the veins and arteries giving way to the heart to pump blood well due to the presence of Chromium. * Continues usage of our products help get rid of fibroid problems and menstrual disorder. * Reduces mucus and allergens from inflammation * Protect against cancer * Fight free radicals
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