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Cleanshield liquid supplement
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THE BEST LIQUID SUPPLEMENT Description: CLEANSHIELD HEALTH CARE PRODUCT CLEANSHIELD----------- HOW CLEANSHIELD SUPPL­EMENT WORKS CLEANSHIELD: This is a liquid food supplement that helps to increase your PH level from acidic to alkaline. We all know that acidity is a killer and detriment to our health. It has a PH of 11.4 and it has no side effect at all. Due to the increase of health challenges in the world today CLEANSHIEL­D has been a home food supplement every family should have to cater these health challenges. The foods in our market today are no longer a helping matter because of the mechanization by which it was produced. The natural fruits and vegetables which God initially expected to be eating as human is no longer there to be found rather all we have today is fruits and vegetables processed through fertilization. For us to maintain a healthy body system our body must be 20% Acidic and 80% Alkaline accor­ding to Prof. Ragnar, a renowned Nutritionist from WHO. CLEANSHIELD: is effect in balancing the PH of the body to normal. At this juncture boost the immune system and breaks down acidosis to extinction. Acidosis is a situation where our body is subjected to a high acidic condition. And a high acidic conditions is the chief cause of these disea­ses and infections such as HPB, bad body cholesterol, Cancer, Ulcer, , Viral infections, Arthritis, Malaria, Typhoid miscarriages, Internal Infections, Eye Problems, Skin Infection, Candida, impotency, erectile dysfunction, asthma, stroke, menstrual pains, hormonal imbalance, memory loss, Diabetes, , Liver etc. When the body PH is balance with CLEANSHIELD. 1. There would be proper metabolism of fat 2. There would be healthy insulin production­ 3. There would be healthy oxygen flow 4. There would be proper blood regulation­ 5. There would be cellular generation­ From the word alone CLEANSHIELD, it cleans the body ocean and shield it from diseases and infec­tions. The human body is 70% volume of water which needed to be kept clean from any free radicals. When this body ocean is clean with CLEANSHIELD our system will naturally takes care of any diseases and infection. We all have our doctor within according to the French doctor only if our body ocean that is the water content of our body is clean. ACIDOSIS IN THE BODY IS THE ENEMY OF OUR HEALTH 1. Interrupt blood flow in our system 2. Increases free radicals and premature aging 3. Causes weight gain, diabetes and obesity 4. Blocks and corrodes arteries, veins and heart tissues 5. Increases bad cholesterol in our system 6. Inhibits oxygen flow 7. Inhibits metabolism of stored energy in our liver 8. Inhibits cellular regeneration 9. Inhibits lipid and fatty acid metabolism 10. Weakens our system from functioning normal 11. Makes our body a Breeding ground for bacterial and viral pathogens.­ 12. Predisposes our body to all kinds of diseases and infections THE USE OF CLEANSHILD HELPS THE BODY IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS 1. Stop Malaria 2. Stop Typhoid 3. Fight against HIV 4. To Resist Obesity 5. For Weight Control 6. For Proper Blood regulation­ 7. Cellular Regeneration 8. Lower bad Cholesterol 9. Insulin production­ 10. Fight Acidosis 11. For Proper Metabolism of fat 12. Boost Immune system 13. Regulate Blood Pressure 14. Fasten wound healing 15. Utilize calcium in our body 16. To boost Energy Level in our body system 17. Healthy Oxygen Flow 18. Resist Diseases and infections­ 19. Lower Blood Sugar in the body.­ 20. Fight fatigue The use of cleanshield raises the body PH very quickly and causes the body ocean which is 70% to be free from diseases and infections.
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