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Cleanshield-- nutritional health supplement
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Before taking alkaline supplements, it's crucial to know whether they are effective at boosting alkalinity, which is measured by pH. Studies are limited, but a small study appearing in the June 2009 edition of the Nutrition Journal reported positive results. In the experiment, a group of men and women took a supplement rich in alkaline minerals and had their blood and urinary pH measured before and after. Within three hours of ingesting the Cleanshield supplement, their blood and urine pHs rose significantly. In addition, longer-term supplementation boosted morning and evening pH. Call now What you eat influences your body's acid/alkaline balance. When the body is more alkaline and less acidic, its systems function more efficiently. The typical American diet is high in acid-forming proteins and cereal grains and lower in acid-buffering fruits and vegetables. Cleanshield supplements neutralize acids and help reduce acidity. Dietary changes can boost alkalinity as well. Call and order now , for more details
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