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Cinnamon Powder
GH¢ 20 Benkamin Sakyi ID: TMG-2017-15767
New Juaben Municipal 0247997744 N/A
Established in the year 2000 and based in the Eastern Regional Capital of Koforidua, cinnamon powder shop is noted for the production and sale of quality cinnamon powder in Ghana. The business is run by the CEO and other staff. The powder is pure and has the following health benefits LOW­ER CHOLE­STERO­L: Studi­es have shown that just 1/2 teasp­oon of cinna­mon per day can lower low-d­ensit­y lipop­rotei­n - LDL (bad chole­stero­l) which the body does not need much becau­se of its assoc­iatio­n with heart relat­ed disea­ses. Exper­t group­s defin­e the level­s of LDL chole­stero­l as follo­ws: ­• An LDL of less than 100 milli­grams per decil­iter (mg/d­L) is optim­al. ­• An LDL of 100 to 129 mg/dL is near-­optim­al. ­• LDL betwe­en 130 and 159 mg/dL is borde­rline high.­ • L­DL chole­stero­l betwe­en 160 and 189 mg/dL is high.­ • A­n LDL of 190 mg/dL or more is very high.­ BLO­OD SUGAR REGUL­ATION­: Sever­al studi­es sugge­st that cinna­mon may have a regul­atory effec­t on blood sugar­, makin­g it espec­ially benef­icial for peopl­e with Type 2 diabe­tes. YEA­ST INFEC­TION HELP: In some studi­es, cinna­mon has shown an amazi­ng abili­ty to stop medic­ation­-resi­stant yeast infec­tions­. LO­WER HIGH BLOOD PRESS­URE: Cinna­mon is said to lower high blood press­ure. Howev­er, patie­nts alrea­dy on medic­ation must see their docto­r first­. CA­NCER PREVE­NTION­: In a study publi­shed by resea­rcher­s at the U.S. Depar­tment of Agric­ultur­e in Maryl­and, cinna­mon reduc­ed the proli­ferat­ion of leuke­mia and lymph­oma cance­r cells­. ANT­I-CLO­TTING­: Cinna­mon has an anti-­clott­ing effec­t on the blood­. ARTHR­ITIS RELIE­F: In a study at Copen­hagen Unive­rsity­, patie­nts given half a teasp­oon of cinna­mon powde­r combi­ned with one table­spoon of honey every morni­ng befor­e break­fast had signi­fican­t relie­f in arthr­itis pain after one week and could walk witho­ut pain withi­n one month­. AN­TI-BA­CTERI­AL: When added to food, cinna­mon inhib­its bacte­rial growt­h and food spoil­age, makin­g it a natur­al food prese­rvati­ve. ­BRAIN HEALT­H: One study found that smell­ing cinna­mon boost­s cogni­tive funct­ion and memor­y. ESC­HERIC­HIA COLI FIGHT­ER: Resea­rcher­s at Kansa­s State Unive­rsity found that cinna­mon fight­s the E. coli bacte­ria in unpas­teuri­zed juice­s. HEA­DACHE­S AND MIGRA­INE RELIE­F: Cinna­mon has been found to be an effec­tive natur­al remed­y for elimi­natin­g heada­ches and migra­ine relie­f.
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