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Yvonne Nelson Promotes Education
Source : Themarketghana.com    Date : Thursday 27 Oct, 2016 | 16:59 GMT
Yvonne Nelson Promotes Education
Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has advised students who have a flair for creative arts to take their formal education seriously and not abandon it.

The popular actress and producer made the call on Saturday during her acceptance speech after she was honoured at the 2016 edition of Broadway Drama Festival.

The award was for her quest to discover new talents, to give others a chance to reach the height she has attained. According to Yvonne Nelson, “Education is a key in every aspect of our lives.

It prepares everyone for every endeavour, and so it is to the creative arts industry.” Though a lot of schoolgoing children want to pursue a career in the showbiz industry, she reiterated that their primary aim now should be their education because they are still in school.
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