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Publish Names Of Sexually Abusive Lecturers – UG Students Demand
Source : Themarketghana.com    Date : Friday 10 Mar, 2017 | 07:46 GMT
Some female students of the University of Ghana, led by the Women Commission of the school’s Representative Council (SRC), are proposing that authorities of the school publish on its website and in the dailies, the full details male lecturers who sexually abuse female students.

According to them, sexual harassment and misconduct on campus has become a growing trend, but students do not report such cases for fear of victimization.

At the ‘Speak Up Conference’ organized by the Commission on International Women’s Day, students who have been sexually abused by lecturers shared their sad stories.

Sexually exploitative behaviour, conferring undue favours to influence subordinate staff or students to yield to sexual desires and amorous behaviour between students and teaching staff, are some of the sexual misconducts that the statutes of the University frowns upon.

But Yaa Gyamfua, an executive of the SRC Women’s Commission, believes these rules are often flouted by the very people trusted to uphold it, including the lecturers.
As a result, she said most victims for fear of being victimized, do not report such cases.
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