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Koforidua School For Deaf Turns Away 70 Pupils
Source : StarrFM News    Date : Monday 20 Mar, 2017 | 13:23 GMT
The Koforidua School for the Deaf has turned away over 70 children seeking admission due to accommodation challenges.

The limited hostel facility in the School is congested by a little over 250 pupils with hearing impairment making it impossible for authorities to admit new ones.

About 70 new pupils have been put on waiting list pending the completion of the final year pupils.

The headmaster of the Koforidua School for the Deaf, Jordan Agbona told Starr News, inadequate hostel accommodation is a major challenge confronting the school.

“The challenges are numerous. One pressing challenge is accommodation… Many parents are coming, bringing in wards but because we don’t have facilities [and] the dormitories to accommodate them, about 250 are in residents.
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