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TMG Talent And Mentor Conference Comes On This Saturday
Source : Themarketghana.com    Date : Wednesday 01 Mar, 2017 | 10:58 GMT
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Book a Seat Now: @tmgtvofficial @tmbpageant

TMG TALENT AND MENTOR CONFERENCE..... created by TMG STUDIOS to bring together entertainment media personalities (mentors) to share their stories about how they got started, their secrets on how they became stars in the field of acting, presenting, music, modeling, comedy, film directing and producing and makeup artistry.

During this conference; producers, actors, actress, media houses, musicians shall be present to interract, spot and pick TALENTS.

1. Casting opportunities
2. Managements and Production Deals.
3. Media Crew Job offers
4. Onspot Audition package and many more...
MENTEES are to attend, learn, be discovered and interract with their mentors who inspire and want to be like them.

TMG TALENT AND MENTOR CONFERENCE.. Inspiring stories, unforgettable expiriences, Great Lessons and Opportunities.

Happening on 4th march 2017 at ALISA HOTEL

Time: 9:00 am on the dot.
Book a seat BEFORE 4th March 2017. Whatsapp: 0500434825. Call 0200670960⁠
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