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Lil Win in hot waters as musician lines up one accusation after the other against him
Source : Ghanaweb.com    Date : Saturday 07 Oct, 2017 | 14:17 GMT
Fellow musician, OdehyieBa, who until recently was part of Lil Win camp, has accused Lil Win’s camp of threatening his life. He was featured on Lil Win’s popular song “Ladder”.

OdehyieBa indicated that he is the one who wrote compose dthe song “Ladder”, but was not rewarded for his work. He further alleged that Lil Win often goes abroad to perform with the song, but has till date failed to give him credit.

He went on to say that he was at a point in time assaulted in a studio, as a result of a number of issues, though he knew nothing about the situation.

He did not end there; he claims that a member of Lil Win’s camp took a video of him, as he slept naked. He claims that the said recording is being used to threaten him.

The last straw, he claimed, was when he asked Lil Win to help him out with a song, a request that was denied.
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