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Robbery Rates Highest In Ashanti – DCOP Yeboah
Source : Adehye 99.1 FM    Date : Thursday 23 Mar, 2017 | 13:36 GMT
The Ashanti Region records the greatest number of armed robbery cases in the country, regional police commander DCOP Ken Yeboah has disclosed.

According to him, this is largely due to activities of illegal small-scale miners (galamseyers), the presence of Fulani herdsmen, and land guards.

He explained that although there had been some robbery cases in homes and in shops in the region, most of the cases recorded were highway robberies but added that measures had been taken to deal with the high incidence of robbery in the region.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday March 23, DCOP Yeboah said: “Robbery cases in the Ashanti Region is very high as compared to other regions. Occasionally, we conduct analyses of the situation throughout the country and we have found out that the region records the highest number of robberies.

“We also found out that the robbery cases in the region were as a result of ‘galamsey’ activities and mining activities in general.

"The presence of Fulanis is also a factor. These armed Fulanis are sometimes aided by some Ghanaians and Nigerians to carry out robberies. Land guards are also a factor. But the REGSEC has put in place measures to deal with the situation.”
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