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Springhealth Society set to organise free health screening for Ayikuma community
Source : ghanaweb.com    Date : Saturday 19 Aug, 2017 | 10:57 GMT
SpringHealth Society, a non profitable organization is set to organize a health walk and screening for Ayikuma community in Dodowa, Accra.

The public health awareness and screening is slated for 26th of August, 2017 at Ayikuma and begins at 9am prompt.

According to the organizers, SpringHealth Society, the exercise is directed at tackling two things which are Diabetes and Hypertension. Screening section will also include malaria RDT among others.


SpringHealth Society is a non-profitable organization which seeks to explore the treasures of better health from the very root cause of disease.

The society focuses more on preventive medicine than curative medicine thus we believe that the greatest drug to give someone is to tell the person how not to need the drug.

Our mission is to create public awareness on health and related issues geared towards making life better for all persons. Join us make this dream a reality.
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