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Enact Law To Protect Sex Tape Victims - MP
Source : Classfmonline    Date : Thursday 09 Mar, 2017 | 08:12 GMT
Ejisu Juaben MP, Ama Pomaa Boateng, has charged parliament to pass laws aimed at protecting victims of sex tape leaks.

According to her, this will help deter men from filming sexual acts with their female partners with which they later blackmail them.

Speaking in an interview, Ms Boateng also encouraged ladies to insist their male partners be also captured on the tapes during the filming.

She stated: “It’s always the men who tend to have the videos for some reason and when these videos go viral it is interesting to note that you never find the faces of the men, whether it is intentional or not. We don’t have a specific law banning or stopping or prohibiting someone from doing it.

“There are laws scattered all over when it comes to digital stuff [but] we are not up to date with the laws with that, so it’s about time that parliament takes it on and find a suitable law to go with it so that you know that when I pick up this camera to do this I can be jailed for A,B,C.”

Asked if the female victims should name and shame the male partners whose faces are not captured during the filming, the lawmaker said: “For now there is no law, so I will make sure that you are also in it. I wouldn’t smile and pose for it, it’s not right.”
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