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The Next iphone Might Have A New Name... And It's Kind Of Lame
Source : Mashable    Date : Thursday 09 Mar, 2017 | 10:06 GMT
We've been kicking around rumors about the next, supposedly "deluxe" iPhone for quite awhile now, so we have an idea about what we might see when Apple finally unveils it, presumably in September — an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging and a new camera, to name just a few of the proposed features. But the name remains up in the air.

For lack of a more concrete name, most have settled on "iPhone 8" when referring to the next iPhone, but in keeping with previous years, iPhone 7S is a possibility. Various reports at times pegged it as the iPhone X and codename "Ferrari." Others have speculated that Apple could use the Pro moniker, like its line of MacBooks.

A new report from Japanese site Macotakara, spotted by 9to5Mac, claims Apple won't use any of these names. Instead, the next device will be branded the "iPhone Edition" — which, if we're being honest, is a bit of a letdown.

It wouldn't be the first time Apple has used the Edition tag on one of its premium products. The luxury version of the Apple Watch, which offers a ceramic housing (formerly gold), also carries the label — and a starting cost of $1,249. Unfortunately for excited Apple fans, this rumor does little to quell fears of an iPhone that costs $1,000 or more.

The name also suggests that the Edition version will be a premium iPhone, perhaps unveiled alongside an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. The report claims Apple is still testing out different prototypes, but that the extensive testing and supply chain constraints could lead to production delays, so the iPhone Edition, if it exists at all, might not be released until much later. At least waiting a bit longer for a high-end iPhone means you'll have more time to save up.
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